Unfortunately, no full English translation of the rules exists as of yet. Our rules are based on the DDHF rules for the Symphony of Steel (see here). You can also find the .pdf file at the bottom of this page. We make the following changes to the rules:

  • Due to Corono, many clubs had to seize training for a significant amount of time. Accordingly, we may allow participants into the beginner’s tournament, even if they have been fencing for more than two years. This is decided on a case-by-case basis. If you believe that this may be relevant to you, please contact the head organizer before registration.
  • The eliminiation phase of the open tournament will be a double elimination system. The sppecial rules for the final round are dropped.
  • Group number, group size, and number of participants to proceed into the elimination phase will be decided by the organizers appropriate to the number of participants.
  • If the number of participants in the women’s and beginner’s tournament is very low, we replace the group and elimination phases get replaced with a round-robin tournament system.
  • In “Verbotene Aktionen”, we exchange “Würfe, bei denen beide Beine des Geworfenen den Boden verlassen, sind verboten.” with “Würfe, bei denen die Beine des Geworfenen deutlich über dessen Kopf gehen, sind verboten.” (in summary: Throws, where the legs of the thrown go noticably above his head are forbidden)
  • Drop-outs of the open tournament’s group phase can participate in a team tournament. Its formant is determined based on the number of interested participants.
  • To create the rank of the participants within a group after the group phase we additionally consider the number of lost fights. In total, we consider in decreasing relevance: Number of wins, number of losses, point difference, number of received hits, number of double hits. If these criteria prove to be insufficient, the tournament organizers will choose additional appropriate measures.