Symphony of Steel

Every year the Symphony of Steel takes place on the last weekend of February. The year 2023 is no exception! We are, more or less, going to repeat last year’s format. That means three tournaments are going to take place: Longsword-Women, Longsword-Open, and for participants new to the tournament scene a Longsword-Beginner’s tournament.

Not all details are set in stone, however here are some relevant data:


A DDHF longsword tournament consisting of the following competitions:

  • Open longsword with probably 28 spots. (DDHF ladder tournament)
  • Women’s longsword with probably 16 spots. (DDHF ladder tournament)
  • Beginner’s longsword with probably 20 spots.


On February 25th, 2023.


Karl-Schefold-Stra├če 17/19, 89073 Ulm