Symphony of Steel

The Symphony of Steel goes into the third round! Even more than last time, we make the journey to Ulm worth your time if you are excited about a longsword tournament. We have a longsword tournament open to anyone. As a woman, you don’t want to compete against men? We have a women’s tournament! You only started fencing recently, but you are keen on your first tournament experiences? We have a beginner’s tournament! Did you drop out of the tournament early? Spend your time at a fun little team event!

The above tabs give your information in particular about our ruleset, equipment requirements, and registration process.


A DDHF longsword tournament consisting of the following competitions:

  • Open longsword with 24 spots. (DDHF ladder tournament)
  • Women’s longsword with 16 spots, takes place with at least 5 participants. (DDHF ladder tournament)
  • Beginner’s longsword with 16 spots.
  • Team tournament with participants that dropped out of the pools of the open tournament.


On the 26th February 2022.


Hof├Ąckerweg 84, 89075 Ulm.

How to get there: